Secret lives

EricBrittonAtKuduThis soccer-playing, Spanish-speaking college kid from Montgomery County, Maryland, thought he knew what he was getting into when he spent a summer working with migrant farmworkers.

The story of what he really found was published in Narratively in The Secret Lives of America’s Migrant Farmers

Here’s an excerpt:

Eric Britton looks out the window of his supervisor’s slow-moving Hyundai at some trailer homes. Only nobody calls them trailer homes. Just ‘trailers’. Which is fitting: Farmworkers are not so much housed in these aging metal boxes as stored overnight.

Eric wonders why he and Zach are here. It’s already late and the workers are inside, probably watching soccer and drinking Bud Light—the blue metal empties are everywhere. But Zach insisted they visit before calling it a night.

Just beyond the trailers is an old building made of wood, its shape vaguely familiar to Eric. They approach it on foot.

“Was this a stable?” asks Eric.

Zach bangs the door. “It still is.”

Like most stables, the central passageway is lined on either side by stalls. But most stables keep horses in their stalls.

These contain men.

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