Things I’ve written…

2013 : Happy Birthday Mom
My contribution to collection of tributes to Mom on her 80th (500 words)

2013 : My Donna Summer
Story about my time as a disco deejay (7,500 words)

2012 : One Page Life
Written for writing workshop at UNC Friday Center (600 words)

2011 : Don’t Ask Him to Catch A Ball
Long essay/memoir about growing up in Fairview (12,800 words)

2010 : Fixing Wall Street’s Autopilot
Op-Ed in New York Times. (800 words) Here’s the link to it on the NYT website.

2010 : Busted
Excerpt from All About HFT, submitted somewhere for publication. (2,100 words)

2010 : What is High-Frequency Trading?
Column, unpublished. Not bad. (900 words)

2010 : What Investors Should Know About High-Frequency Traders
Article summarizing HFT for investors. Never submitted or published. (2,500 words)

2010 : Solving the Flash Crash Mystery
Op-Ed never published (900 words)

2010 : Busted
Excerpt from All About HFT, submitted as article proposal, to where I don’t know. (2,100 words)

2009 : Santa Blue
Personal essay/memoir about an incident working for Blue Capital (5,800 words). Here’s a rewrite.

2009 : Death By Derivatives : Chapter 1
Novel chapter (4,000 words)

2009 : Death By Derivatives : Chapter 1
Novel chapter, revised (4,100 words) There are more drafts of this in various states of rewrite.

2009 : Death By Derivatives : Chapter 2
Novel chapter (9,000 words)

Death By Derivatives : Chapter 3
Novel chapter (4,100 words) Apparently I stopped this effort, several chapters before finishing.

2009 : High frequency trading can be, and must be, reformed
Letter to the editor. Not sure if I submitted it anywhere (1,000 words)

2009 : Father’s Way
Essay I wrote on Father’s Day, about a number of things. It’s pretty good I think. (800 words)

2009 : Call of the Wild Ends Too Soon
Guest column published in Chapel Hill News. Here’s the version on my website. (700 words)

2009 : Yes In My Backyard
Letter to editor. Published as “Lets Listen, Then Help Out” in the Chapel Hill News on November 4, 2009. Here’s the version on my website. (800 words)

2009 : Greta Letter to Grandma
For Christmas, with Dad providing the typing and some editing. (500 words)

2009 : Mike Letter to Mom
For Christmas. (600 words)

2009 : Forget the bonus money: Why did we pay off the gamblers?
Letter to the editor about my outrage at the speculators who made off like bandits in the mortgage crisis. Never published. Not sure if I even submitted it anywhere, but I probably did. (600 words)

2008 : Cutthroat Options
Memoir about how I got into programming after a failed filmmaking career and ended up eventually at Citadel where I saw things, reported them and got fired. (52,000 words)

2008 : Belly Berries
A random essay on chemical dependencies and depression. (2,200 words)

2008 : Option Decay
Rewrite of 2007 Theta Decay, renamed Option Decay. February 2008. (56,000 words)

2007 : Theta Decay
A novel set on the options trading desk of a Chicago hedge fund. First version, revised in 2008 and retitled Option Decay. (56,000 words)

2007 : Statement on Hedge Fund Oversight
Notes to myself regarding things I saw at Citadel that concerned me, ending with my termination. Draft. Turned into Cutthroat Options memoir. (5,000 words)

2001 : Eulogy for Dad
Based on a 1999 email to Dad in which I gave 3 examples of things he had taught me, by example. (500 words)

2000 : Catching Greta
Essay (1,200 words)

2000 : An Eagle Scout No Longer
Essay after returning my Eagle to the BSA (600 words)

2000 : Going Like Ten
Essay about hitting a pedestrian in a vehicle I was driving. (2,600 words)

2000 : Grandma is a Seven-Letter Word
Essay about Grandma and Scrabble. One of my favorites. (2,100 words) Here’s a revision that may or may not be more current.

2000 : Hearts Recall
Essay about running into someone I used to have a crush on. (1,000 words)

2000 : Table for One in Literature, Please
Essay about the Chicago Public Library (1,900 words)

2000 : Logan’s Queue
Essay set at an airport about consideration of others and teaching one’s child by example (1,100 words)