Thankful for this opportunity and so much more

When I began writing here about our experience building a house, shortly after ground-breaking some six months ago, I had planned to update my legion of eleven followers on a somewhat regular basis. Then, as the enormity of the pandemic came to light, I couldn’t bring myself to share the ups and downs of such an opportunity of privilege. Not while so many others suffered. So, on this Thanksgiving Day I will do what is called for on the fourth Thursday of each November, and simply acknowledge the deep gratitude I feel for all that defines my life on this planet. I am indeed among the lucky ones.

We’re scheduled to move into our new house in about a month, a mere two months behind schedule. That fact alone illustrates how fortunate we are. As far as we can tell, Covid has affected our project just twice. First, when the trusses that were to hold up our first floor weren’t available due to a pandemic-related manufacturing slowdown, and our quick-thinking builder switched to using I-beams instead. Second, when one of the carpenters tested positive. Work then halted while everyone on the project got tested (all came back negative) and the builder, at no cost to us, hired a crew of hazmatted disinfectors to spray down the job site. The infected carpenter recovered in due course and was back on the job, installing stairway bannisters with his trademark cheer and enthusiasm, just the other day. Would that everyone was as cheerful and enthusiastic in times like these.

I just read in the Washington Post that anxiety and depression are running rampant (link below). It may be years, if ever, before we know just how many people are struggling to maintain their mental health as each of these wretched waves hits harder than the last. Yesterday there were 178,242 new cases reported in the United States. Another day, another record high.

I hope everyone reading this—make that everyone everywhere—finds the strength, patience, and optimism to get through this. And I hope everyone has someone, or finds someone, to talk to. And then talks. With three vaccines now in the final stage of approval it will only be a matter of time before we can begin seeing loved ones again and otherwise start inching back to normalcy. We just gotta hang in there. And, in the meantime, give thanks for what we do have. That’s what I’m telling myself today.

Here’s a link to that Post article:

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